Gryphon's Wings

With the uncertanity caused, or enhanced, by COVID-19, more people are facing uncertanity in their lives than ever before. Second Fleet is no exception. In order to help where we can, I have authorized the creation of the Gryphon’s Wings Emergency Fund. And I need your help to make it work.

To that end, I am asking for donations to create an emergency relief fund to be used for TRMN 2nd Fleet members. This fund’s target is to provide immediate short term relief of an urgent crisis. For example: Sending someone grocery money for a weeks worth of groceries (as a lot of food banks are running out of food, short on volunteers, and closing), providing gas money for a week so someone can still travel back and forth providing care-giving to a family member, covering the co-pay cost of a doctors visit, and other small emergency expenses. 

I know that there are many charities and relief organizations operating on many levels, but if you can find a way to give even just a dollar a month for the duration of this crisis it can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Given the targeted nature of the relief even a small one time or monthly gift can make a huge difference in a fellow TRMN member’s life. In this way our organization, built around our mutual fandom and love of sci-fi, can provide real and meaningful aid to our members. If you can afford it (we know giving is twice as hard during a crisis).

With just 100 members pledging $5 a month, we can make a great impact in our member’s lives. If you could pledge $25 a month, that would make a massive impact to a member’s life.

100% of funds received are passed on to your fellow Second Fleet members.

Please give what you can below.

Monthly Donation

Please select a monthly donation level below. 

One-Time Donation

Click below to make a one-time or custom monthly donation.

We are using PayPal’s subscriptions for a few reasons. I wanted to explain them below, to set minds at ease.

  • PayPal is a high-trust company – to the best of my information, they have never been compromised. So your information is safe.
  • PayPal, in this context, has the lowest fees of any other sunscription service. So more of your donation reaches those in need.
  • We can add multiple subscription levels, if needed or requested. As you can see, I have also placed a PayPal.Me link, so you can make one-time donations, or donations other than the levels listed.
  • Using PayPal means I never see your card information, even masked. No information is stored on the servers.

In accordance with best practices, and guidance from the Office of the Judge Advocate General, I am not the only one with access to the donation PayPal account. While I know I can be trusted, and hope you believe the same, there are protections in place to ensure nothing happens. Thank you for your donation.

Gryphon Fleet