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HMS Ajax (BC-545)

HMS Apollo (CL-80)

HMS Demon (CLAC-62)

HMS Gryphon (SD-153)

HMS Hotspur (DD-02)

HMS Tornado (DD-488)

HMS Wolfhound (DD-437)

HMS Roland (DD-476)

HMS Galahad (DD-478)

HMS Sabrepike (CA-417)

HMS Hexapuma (CA-412)

GSNLAC Lilla Björn

SMLAC Arminius (LAC-001)

HMLAC Superior

HMLAC Sgian Dubh

HMS Unicorn (CLAC-30)

HMS Samurai (CL-356)

HMS Merlin (CA-270)

HMS Lodestone (DD-64)

HMS Leonidas (BC-584)

HMS Valkyrie (SD-355)

HMS Invincible (SD-455)

HMS Intrepid (SD-463)

HMS Imperatrix (SD-457)

HMS Gawain (DD-481)

HMS Musashi (BC-775)

Task Force 21

The Royal Manticoran Navy

Task Force 22

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