The Gryphon's Beak

December, 2019


Flag Sends

How is it December already?!? It’s been a huge year for us, and I want to reflect on that a bit.

Second Fleet has shrunk a bit in the past year, mostly due to losing HMS Peregrine and SMLAC Arminius (now SMS Haudegen). We began 2019 with a census of 1029 members, and as of November 6th, have 1012. If you factor out those two chapters, however, we began with 986 members.

We gained chapters – including MARDETs, we started with 35 and ended with 37 elements in the fleet as a whole. Thanks and congratulations to the new chapters and their teams!

We also changed COs. VADM Neitz served as FCO for five years, and in that time we saw the fleet expand and become, in some ways, a backbone of the organization as a whole. John made us Second To None. I was lucky to inherit a fleet with no serious issues, no landmines, and great people at every level. Thank you to John, and you all for that.

We added a Discord server, which opens another channel for us all to communicate. We, at this writing, have 78 members on the channel, and room for everyone to join in!

I have some major announcements about the future, which in fairness to all need to be held until the next newsletter. Good things are coming, and we are positioning ourselves to grow into the future.

I want to talk some about goals for 2020 – which I will expand on more in the future. These are just in the idea phase, and will need to be fleshed out.

I want to see at least three more units added to the roster – MARDETs, hyper-capable ships, LACs, Pinnaces – what ever it looks like is fine. I think we are in a place where that isn’t impossible, and in fact could be achieved easily. Including echelons, fleets, and RMA chapters, we have, as I write this, 395 total units in MEDUSA. At 40 units, we would be just over 10% of the total unit count. Removing the echelons, etc. leaves a local chapter count of 155 – which would make a 40-element Second Fleet a whopping 25% of the RMN…

We need to restock on challenge coins. That is a fleet-wide endeavor, and I have some ideas on how to make it work. There is a lot to do before this is a live thing, but I hope everyone gives it some thought. We have more than a thousand members. If we each gave as little as five dollars, we could order enough for everyone…and for the next thousand members. More on this as the plan develops.

There will be several new Fleet positions opening. COS McCauley and I are working to get these hammered out, so that we have a fair description of what each role will be, and do.

We will be working to get ahead of the curve on BuShips issues, and identify where changes are needed ahead of them, so we can get them corrected before official notes are sent out.

I want to develop a group of members – officers & senior enlisted – who are willing to be used to fill in on chapters when needed. Not only as members to bring counts and ratios into line, but as emergency XOs and Bosuns to keep chapters going if there is a loss of those triad members. These folk would also be trainers for future triad members. It’s still in the concept stages, but I see no reason we should ever fear losing a chapter because they lost triad members, or need an additional officer.

There will be more to come as we enter 2020. I want everyone reading this to think of what they can do to help their chapter and the fleet as a whole be better. Finding how you fit in can be hard. I never, not even when I messaged VADM Neitz about the DCO role, expected to be here. When I joined, I figured on just being another member. I know it can seem like all the cool roles are filled – I assure you they are not! And if you have a passion for something, we can and will find or make you a position!

Thank you for a great beginning to my time as CO, and I look forward to an unprecedented 2020, as we keep Second Fleet

Comings & Goings

BuShips Directive 1911-01

Congratulations to one of our resident Space Lords, Vice Admiral of the Red Diane K Bulkeley, KDE, KCR, MC, SC, OG, DSO, QBM, CBM, First Baroness of New Essex, Second Space Lord on her election to the Commanding Officer position, HMS Unconquered.


BuShips Directive 1911-03

Flag sends it’s hearty congratulations to the crew of the SMLAC Arminus, until recently of Second Fleet, on their commissioning as SMS Haudegen! While technically in Seventh Fleet, their location in Flint, MI places them geographically with the Second Naval District, and I want to be sure to send my congratulations to their new CO, Korvettenkaptain Nathan Nemi, and the entire crew.


JAG Order 1911-01

Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Rex Hood, HMLAC Scythe, as he is appointed to the position of Deputy Judge Advocate General. In order to fulfill the responsibilities of this position he is hereby promoted to the rank of Captain Senior Grade.


Bureau of Planning Directive 1911-01

Congratulations to MAA2/c John Chambers on being appointed to the position of Historian for the Bureau of Planning.


Gryphon Fleet Order 1911-D

Welcome and congratulations to Captain JG Zach McCauley on his appointment as Chief of Staff for Second Fleet. Commensurate with his new duties, CAPTJG McCauley is also promoted to Captain, Senior Grade. We’ll try not to break him!

December Reports

This is a reminder that your Chapter and MarDet reports are due between December 1st and December 10th. One thing I found amazingly helpful when filling them out was to use an online document (Google Docs, Word Online) to keep things organized as they happened. Then, when the reporting month hit, I could just copy and paste them into the reports form, and be done. No trying to remember what happened two months ago at the last minute!

Marines – you now have a new online form to fill out for Bi-Monthly reports. The link is below. It will send the reports to your command triad, your Ship’s CO and to ComForceCom. Please use this form to send in your report that is due on June 5th.

There is only one stipulation with the form at this time. Please do not use autofill. Autofill does not work properly and that information is deleted in the report. You can copy and paste information into the report but forgo the autofill function.

Fleet Staff Needed

We are going to be reposting this in the new year, and will have a lot more information, and postions.

Stay tuned!

Blood Drive Flyers!

BuComm-Approved blood drive flyers are available!

Each poster is available in 11 x 17 as a form-fillable PDF. Just enter your specific details, and your customized Blood Drive flyer is ready to go!

I want to thank SMAJ Brad Handley, MARDET Ajax, for spearheading the project, coming up with the idea and providing excellent suggestions on changes to the design. There is a ready-to-use version linked below:

Blank TRMN Blood Drive poster
Sample filled TRMN Blood Drive poster

Upcoming Events

Winter War
Champaign, IL January 25 – 27, 2020
Wheeling, IL February 13 – 16, 2020

Fleet events listed in bold. Admiralty in bold-italic.

Have your ship, echelon, or fleet upcoming events promoted here!

We just need the event name and date sent to! We want to promote you!

Posters like this are available (TF-levels are pre-approved!), as are Gryphon & Planet posters, and more! Send over a request and email, and your posters will be emailed (or cloud-drive links will be) straight away!

RMMC Regimental Triad Billets

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

From: Lieutenant General Michael Houghtaling, KDE, MC, OG, NS, CBM

Re: Opening of RMMC Regimental Triad billets (FORCECOM Order 1910-D)

Effective as of 0001 Hours on October 30, 2019, it is my duty to announce the opening of Command billets for the following RMMC Regiments.

  • 2nd Regiment – The Gryphon Highlanders Regiment
  • 3rd Regiment – The Montanero Regiment
  • 6th Regiment – The Tannerman Rifle Regiment
  • 8th Regiment – The Medusa Regiment

Regimental Command Triads shall be comprised of the following:

  • Commanding Officer (CO) – Colonel, O-6
  • Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO/XO) – Lieutenant Colonel, O-5
  • Regimental Sergeant Major (RGSM) – Regimental Sergeant Major, E-10

Persons interested should be members of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps or be willing to branch transfer into the RMMC upon acceptance of the billet.

Regimental Triads will not be stood up until the full triad of each Regiment has been determined.

Letters of interest should be sent to:

General Shirley Kunz, Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command


Lieutenant General Mike Houghtaling, Deputy Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command

In Service to Her Majesty, the Queen!

Michael Houghtaling, KDE, MC, OG, NS, CBM

Lieutenant General (SW), RMMC

Deputy Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command

Baron Sutherland

By direction of:

Shirley Kunz, KDE, MC, GS

General , RMMC

Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command (COMFORCECOM)

Crossed pulsars

Marksmanship Update

By order of CO 2nd Fleet, the following marksmanship awards are issued effective 15 November, 2019:


  • MR Don REISDORPH, HMS Valkyrie
  • MS Lily THOMPSON, HMS Valkyrie


  • MR Don REISDORPH, HMS Valkyrie

The Tradition Lives!

For CO 2nd Fleet:

Issued by:
Senior Chief Petty Officer, RMN
2nd Fleet Range Officer

November Honors – Awards

Knight Commander, Order of King Roger

RADM Cheryl Krause, RMN HMS Invincible
SMCPO Bill Lochen, RMN HMS Invincible

Manticore Cross

VADM Diane K Bulkeley, RMN HMS Enterprise

Osterman Cross

PO3 Dylan Bradley, RMN HMS Valkyrie
MCPO David W Potter, RMN HMS Invincible

Saganami Cross

MAJ L. Bloodgood, RMMC MARDET Invincible
FADM Laura Lochen, RMN HMS Invincible

Officer, Order of King Roger

SMCPO Megan Krick, RMN HMS Musashi
CDR Drew A. Drentlaw, RMN HMS Invincible

Order of Gallantry

CAPT Larry French Sr, RMMC MARDET Demon
LTCDR Jesse Aerlyn-Crook, RMN HMS Borzoi
CAPTSG Jackie Snedden, RMN HMS Enterprise

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

CDRE Dora Ann Erikson, RMN HMS Javelin
LTCDR Ross Prosser, RMN HMS Valkyrie
CAPTSG Danielle Erikson, RMN HMS Merlin

Gryphon Star

PO3 David J Levi, GSN HMS Enterprise
S1C Mandy B. Freund, RMN HMS Javelin

Wound Stripe

RADM Christopher Thompson, RMN HMS Valkyrie
S1C Rebecca Testerman, RMN HMS Galahad
LTSG Connor Bliss, RMN HMS Galahad

Queen’s Bravery Medal

LionCon 2019

LTCDR Thomas Erikson, RMN HMS Javelin
SMCPO Megan Krick, RMN HMS Musashi
LTSG Z Krick, RMN HMS Musashi

Conspicuous Bravery Medal

LionCon 2019

CPO Kathy Davis, RMN HMS Lodestone
S1C Jeffrey Paul Lenz, RMN HMS Javelin

Meritorious Service Medal

LionCon 2019

CPO Elizabeth Erickson, RMN HMS Invincible

Navy Commendation Decoration

LionCon 2019

LTCDR Julie Chase, RMN HMS Lodestone
CAPTJG Paladin Meyer, RMN HMS Merlin
LTCDR Ziggi Thompson, RMN HMS Javelin

Royal Meritorious Unit Citation

MARDET Valkyrie

Manticoran Combat Action Medal

4th Award

CAPT Larry French Sr, RMMC MARDET Demon

Non-Commissioned Officer Senior Course Ribbon

SMCPO Megan Krick, RMN HMS Musashi

November Honors – Promotions

Congratulations are extended to the following members on the occasion of their promotions as noted.

HMS Ajax

  • Linda L Martelle to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 10 November, 2019
  • Private Michael Spagnuolo to Private 1st Class, effective 10 November, 2019

HMS Enterprise

  • Rose Callahan to Petty Officer 1st Class, effective 5 November, 2019

  • Curt Reynolds to Spacer 1st Class, effective 5 November, 2019

HMS Valkyrie

  • Kegan Hackett to Petty Officer 2nd Class, effective 4 November, 2019

  • Alanna Worrall to Petty Officer 2nd Class, effective 4 November, 2019

  • Joe Bliven to Spacer 1st Class, effective 4 November, 2019

  • Wendy Brunsman to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 4 November, 2019

  • Jessica Michalek to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 4 November, 2019

  • Bob Seabold to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 4 November, 2019

  • Dylan Bradley to Ensign, effective 5 November, 2019

Fleet Command & Staff Information

CO, Gryphon Fleet

CO, Gryphon Fleet

Rear Admiral of the Red
Geoffrey Strayer
XO, Gryphon Fleet

XO, Gryphon Fleet

Bosun, Gryphon Fleet

Bosun, Gryphon Fleet

Senior Master Chief Intelligence Mate
Kevin Walsh, NS, QBM

Flag Captain


JAG Ombudsman

Captain Larry Dale French Sr


CPO Christina R Doane

Intelligence Specialist

Lieutenant Commander David Oliver Kling

Personnel Officer

Captain (SG)
Jamey Salsberg

Training Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer
Derek Firehawk Sauls

Range Officer

Senior Master Chief Intelligence Mate
Kevin Walsh, NS, QBM

RMACS Liaison

Christina Swanson

Gryphon Fleet Order of Battle

Task Force 21

Covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Task Group 21.1 shoulder patch

Task Group 21.1

LAC Wing 30

HMLAC Gungnir, Willmar, MN
HMLAC Superior, Duluth, MN
SMLAC Arminius, Minneapolis, MN

Battle Squadron 1

HMS Imperatrix (SD-457), Minneapolis, MN
HMS Invincible (SD-455), Plymouth, MN
HMS Valkyrie (SD-355), Minneapolis, MN

Destroyer Squadron 265

HMS Javelin (DD-264), Big Lake, MN
HMS Lodestone (DD-64), Elk River, MN
HMS Merlin (CA-270), St. Cloud, MN

Independent Commands

HMS Hellhound (DD-446), St. Paul, MN
HMS Juno (BC-726), Willmar, MN
HMS Leonidas (BC-584), Grand Forks, ND
HMS Unicorn (CLAC-30), Rochester, MN

Task Group 21.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 21.2

Independent Commands

HMS Borzoi (DD-438), River Falls, WI
HMS Gawain (DD-481), Madison, WI
HMS Musashi (BC-775), Milwaukee, WI

Task Force 22

Covering Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Task Group 22.1 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.1

LAC Wing 62

GSNLAC Lilla Björn, Marquette, MI
HMLAC Scythe, Portage, Indiana

Independent Commands

HMS Apollo (CL-80), Lafayette, IN
HMS Demon (CLAC-62), Hammond, IN
HMS Gryphon (SD-153), Indianapolis, IN
HMS Hotspur (DD-02), Rantoul, IL
HMS Samurai (CL-356), Goshen, IN
HMS Wolfhound (DD-437), Mt. Prospect, IL

Task Group 22.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.2

Cruiser Division 711

HMS Death Claw (CA-437), Cincinnati, OH
HMS Hexapuma (CA-412), Mount Vernon, IN
HMS Sabrepike (CA-417), Franklin, OH

Independent Commands

HMS Galahad (DD-478), Columbus, OH
Task Group 22.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.3

Independent Commands

HMS Ajax (BC-545), Windsor, Ontario
HMS Beowulf (BC-739), Lansing, MI
HMS Enterprise (BC-480), Rochester Hills, MI
HMS Helen (BC-570), Fruitport, MI
HMS Roland (DD-476), Toledo, OH

Echelon Commanders

Task Force 21

Task Force 21

CDRE Dora Erikson

Task Group 21.1

Task Group 21.1


Battle Squadron 1

Battle Squadron 1

CAPTSG Jill McTavish

Destroyer Squadron 265

Destroyer Squadron 265

CAPTSG Danielle Erikson

Task Group 21.2

Task Group 21.2

CAPTJG Timothy Bailey

Task Force 22

Task Force 22

CDRE Sherman Day

Task Group 22.1

Task Group 22.1

CAPTSG Michael Flanagan

Task Group 22.2

Task Group 22.2

CAPTSG Jimmy Nelson

Cruiser Division 711

Cruiser Division 711

CAPTJG Kevin Johnson

Task Group 22.3

Task Group 22.3

CAPTSG Jackie Snedden