The Gryphon's Beak

November, 2019


Flag Sends

By this point, I think it is safe to presume that everyone who is interested has seen the JAG report on the Anasazi Incident. It is posted both on our forums and Facebook page. I won’t be discussing the specifics here, just the broad nature of events that led to that outcome.

In the broadest strokes, three members who felt ill-treated by their Fleet attempted to force their chapter out of that Fleet. That failed, and all three are no longer in the organization.

My concern with this event is that things got to the point where a mutiny (of sorts) was seen as the best, or only, option. That is never the best option. We may be, at the core, a really large book club, but we all agreed to a set of ideas when we joined.

Chief of those is the right to be heard by higher-ups in the organization. And because those in leadership, as humans, can be the problem, we also established the right (duty, even) to elevate any complaints above the immediate chain of command, when those people are the issue. There is also a JAG office that can be used to seek relief or redress of grievances.

In short, we have a lot of options.

I tend to forget to say things, on occasion, so let me be 100% clear.

Not only is ‘no retribution’ TRMN’s policy, it is mine as well. If you have an issue with something or someone in leadership, I urge you to never hesitate to bring it to the next level. As big as Second Fleet is, you are never more than 5 layers from the Fleet CO. And that puts you 7 layers from the FLA.

It’s a short chain. While I would ask, and expect, that it is used to the best of your ability, I know that sometimes is tough. I am always open to hear what is happening in the Fleet, and not only available, but want to know what’s happening.

I have said that if I can be half the CO John Neitz was, I’ll be happy. In order to get there, I need to be aware of what is going on – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Please know, my email is always open, and is not a redirect – the is a direct line to me. If there is an issue with me, or any other leaders, a perception of an issue, or even a concern about things, I am here, and want to help.

The ability to communicate concerns and problems is key in remaining Second To None!

Comings & Goings

Naval Directive 19OC-01

Congratulations to VADM John Neitz on his appointment to the position of Wiki Manager! VADM Neitz is charged with the overall execution of Wiki Policy and direct management of the Wiki Editing Team and Project Leads.


FORCECOM Order 1910-B

Welcome and congratulations to the new command team for MARDET Valkyrie!

Thank you, First Lieutenant Vernon McIntosh, for all you have done as Commanding Officer, MARDET Valkyrie. You stand relieved.

First Lieutenant Matthew Hellendrung is assigned as Commanding Officer, MARDET Valkyrie.

First Lieutenant Josiah Lilligren is assigned as Execuative Officer, MARDET Valkyrie.

Staff Sergeant Jessica Gazdik is assigned as NCOIC “Gunny”, MARDET Valkyrie.

All remaining billets and ranks to remain the same.

Congratulations also on the following brevets:

First Lieutenant Matthew Hellendrung is brevetted to Captain (O-3).

Staff Sergeant Jessica Gazdik is breveted to Master Sergeant (E-7).

Captain Hellendrung, the Guidon is passed to you.


BuShips Directive 1910-07

Welcome and congratulations to the new command team for HMS Invincible!

I am pleased to not only welcome CAPTJG Sir Richard Matheny to the fleet, but also on his appointment as CO, HMS Invincible!

It is also a pleasure to announce that CAPTSG Lady Dame Elisa Randall, Countess New Cumbria will be assigned as Executive Officer.

The Fleet as a whole, and myself in particular, wish to express appreciation and thanks to Captain (SG) Salsberg, and Commander Petersen, for their service as Commanding Officer and Executive Officer respectively, especially in the past few months as we tried to secure their relief. Thank you.


December Reports

This is a reminder that your Chapter and MarDet reports are due between December 1st and December 10th. One thing I found amazingly helpful when filling them out was to use an online document (Google Docs, Word Online) to keep things organized as they happened. Then, when the reporting month hit, I could just copy and paste them into the reports form, and be done. No trying to remember what happened two months ago at the last minute!

Marines – you now have a new online form to fill out for Bi-Monthly reports. The link is below. It will send the reports to your command triad, your Ship’s CO and to ComForceCom. Please use this form to send in your report that is due on June 5th.

There is only one stipulation with the form at this time. Please do not use autofill. Autofill does not work properly and that information is deleted in the report. You can copy and paste information into the report but forgo the autofill function.

Fleet Staff Needed

With the change in command, the following Fleet positions are open, and in need of filling:

Deputy CO

This is a Commodore (F1) position.

The DCO is there to serve as a backstop for the CO, and take over in the event of the CO’s absence.

In practical matters, the DCO will serve as the filter for the CO – handling issues that may arise, as possible, and keeping the CO informed when issues do arise. This position is, hopefully, a .5 ‘hat’ position, but may rise to be a full ‘hat’, as regards the 2 Hat Rule.

Chief Of Staff

This is a Captain (O6 A/B) position.

Th Chief of Staff is also a layer of problem solver between the CO and the several ships. The CoS is also the leader of the staff officers, and may be considered as their immediate supervisor. Duties include making sure that reports are tracked and in on time, handling issues that arise in the staff, and generally keeping everything straight with the fleet staff.

Please note that all rank requirements must be tested to in order to receive appointment to the position.

Blood Drive Flyers!

BuComm-Approved blood drive flyers are available!

Each poster is available in 11 x 17 as a form-fillable PDF. Just enter your specific details, and your customized Blood Drive flyer is ready to go!

I want to thank SMAJ Brad Handley, MARDET Ajax, for spearheading the project, coming up with the idea and providing excellent suggestions on changes to the design. There is a ready-to-use version linked below:

Blank TRMN Blood Drive poster
Sample filled TRMN Blood Drive poster

Upcoming Events

Grand Rapids Comicon
Grand Rapids, MI November 8-10, 2019

Lombard, IL November 15-17, 2019

Starbase Indy
Indianapolis, IN November 29-Dec 1, 2019

Fleet events listed in bold. Admiralty in bold-italic.

Have your ship, echelon, or fleet upcoming events promoted here!

We just need the event name and date sent to! We want to promote you!

Posters like this are available (TF-levels are pre-approved!), as are Gryphon & Planet posters, and more! Send over a request and email, and your posters will be emailed (or cloud-drive links will be) straight away!

Award Notes & Reminder

This is the second month in a row that we have seen a member of HMS Helen be awarded the Survivor’s Cross.

I want to take a moment on that. This is one of the awards that I have not seen a lot. In fact, in the 632 posts on the Awards forum, The Survivor’s Cross is mentioned 14 times. And of those 632, we all know there are huge lists of members being awarded – see this month’s awards list for a few examples. The Survivor’s Cross is mentioned 14 times.

We do a lot in uniform, and we show who we are at events and conventions all the time. This award is a way to show who we are not only in uniform, but in our real lives. This award shows that we are there, living the ideals our organization aspires to, in the world.

That this award is rare is good. I won’t hope for someone being hurt so I can get a ribbon. I will hope, as I hope you all do, that when we see something happen, we will act to provide assistance – ribbon or not. That is the tradition we uphold and aspire to live in, and I want to thank all of you who do, whether we know about it or not.


As we close out the year, it is good to remember that most of our Operational awards (HOSM, SAPCM, etc.) are once-per-year awards.

To check, hit the Award Announcement sub-forum, and search for the award name, then search those results for a name (last usually works). This is great way to avoid over-issue, award groups being rejected by BuPers, and, worst case, awards being revoked. No one wants that!

It just takes a moment, and can avoid a lot of unpleasantness down the road.

Crossed pulsars

Marksmanship Update


  • Mr Don REISDORPH, HMS Valkyrie
  • MS Lily THOMPSON, HMS Valkyrie
  • SFS Lance FLIGOR, HMS Hotspur


  • SFS Lance FLIGOR, HMS Hotspur


  • CAPT[JG] Kevin JOHNSON, HMS Sabrepike
  • SFS Rebecca JOHNSON, HMS Sabrepike
  • RMN Lisa JOHNSON, HMS Sabrepike
  • EM2C John CHAMBERS, HMS Gryphon


  • SFS Lance FLIGOR, HMS Hotspur
  • SFS Pierce KREIBICH, HMS Hotspur


  • SFS Daniel JOHNSON, HMS Sabrepike
  • SFS Rebecca JOHNSON, HMS Sabrepike
  • RMN Lisa JOHNSON, HMS Sabrepike
  • EM2C John Chambers, HMS Gryphon


  • SFS Lance FLIGOR, HMS Hotspur


  • SFS Lance FLIGOR, HMS Hotspur

October Honors – Awards

Knight Commander, Order of Queen Elizabeth

LTCDR Betty J Osthoff, RMN HMS Galahad PO3 David J Levi, GSN HMS Enterprise

Survivor's Cross

PVT Robert Maniscalco, RMA HMS Helen

Havenite Operational Service Medal

LionCon, 2019

LTCDR Julie Chase, RMN HMS Lodestone LTCDR Julie Chase, RMN HMS Lodestone CPO Kathy Davis, RMN HMS Lodestone CPO Elizabeth Erickson, RMN HMS Invincible CDRE Dora Ann Erikson, RMN HMS Javelin LTCDR Thomas Erikson, RMN HMS Javelin CAPTSG Danielle Erikson, RMN HMS Merlin S1C Mandy B. Freund, RMN HMS Javelin LTSG Z Krick, RMN HMS Musashi S1C Jeffrey Paul Lenz, RMN HMS Javelin SCR Noah Allen Lenz, SFC HMS Javelin CAPTJG Paladin Meyer, RMN HMS Merlin S2C David Munroe, RMN HMS Lodestone SCLERK John Proft, CIVIL HMS Javelin LTCDR Ziggi Thompson, RMN HMS Javelin

Manticoran Combat Action Medal

8th Award

CDRE Justin Edward Grays, GSN HMS Valkyrie

3nd Award

LTJG Jim McCoy, RMN HMS Ajax

1st Award

MCWO Eric Nelson, RMN HMS invincible

Manticoran Reserve Service Medal


CDRE Sherman Day, RMN HMS Demon
SCWO Ursula Day, RMN HMS Demon
CDR Sean Flaherty, RMN HMS Unicorn
LTCDR Rex Hood Jr, RMN HMLAC Scythe
CDR Lucas Matthys, RMN HMS Juno
RADM Geoffrey Strayer, RMN HMS Demon


MAJ L. Bloodgood, RMMC MARDET Invincible
2LT Ada Clark, RMMC HMLAC Lilla Bjorn
1LT Josiah Lilligren, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie
1LT Vernon McIntosh, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie

Good Conduct Medal

S1C Erik Anderson, RMN HMS Valkyrie
S1C Angelique Anderson, RMN HMS Imperatrix
S1C Larry Balsley, RMN HMS Gryphon
SMCPO Christopher Baye, RMN HMS Hellhound
PO1 Joshua Binder, RMN HMLAC Scythe
S1C Randy Boldenow, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Roberta Brown, RMN HMS Ajax
S1C Barry Bryant, RMN HMS Enterprise
PO1 Laura Cabral, RMN HMS Valkyrie
S1C Michael Carus, RMN HMS Valkyrie
PO1 Anthony Delvecchio, RMN HMS Valkyrie
PO2 Grant Dobbe, RMN HMS Gawain
S1C Danelle Dunn, RMN HMS Leonidas
S1C Dorothy Duquette, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Jacques Duquette, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Matthew Edinger, RMN HMS Leonidas
CPO Elizabeth Erickson, RMN HMS Invincible
PO1 Angela Fessenden, RMN HMS Unicorn
S1C Timothy Grundseth, RMN HMS Juno
S1C Elizabeth Hamill, RMN HMS Death Claw
S1C Jeffrey Harvey, RMN HMS Ajax
S1C Phillip Hines, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Warren Hollabaugh, RMN HMS Imperatrix
S1C James Hook, RMN HMS Demon
S1C Kevin Huber, RMN HMS Hexapuma
PO1 Chris Jaeger, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Ann Lyons, RMN HMS Invincible
PO2 Hayley Maskus, RMN HMLAC Lilla Bjorn
S1C Leonard Matoush, RMN HMS Unicorn
S1C Matt Midwinter, RMN HMS Valkyrie
PO1 Tristine Miller, RMN HMS Valkyrie
S1C Andy Mullin, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Christian Nenn, RMN HMS Demon
S1C Teresa O’Connell, RMN HMS Gryphon
S1C Matthew Onnen, RMN HMS Juno
S1C Isaiah Pacey, RMN HMS Unicorn
S1C Zhac Rahkonen, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Adam Rautio, RMN HMS Imperatrix
PO1 Amanda Ritthaler, RMN HMLAC Scythe
SCPO Andy Sams, RMN HMS Gryphon
PO1 Ana Shirley, RMN HMS Valkyrie
S1C Brian Sterling, RMN HMS Invincible
S1C Darin Vincent, RMN HMS Invincible
CPO David Waldorf, RMN HMS Merlin
S1C Timothy Woods, RMN HMS Imperatrix

PSGT William Bryant, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie
LCPL Timothy Gregory, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie
MSGT Paula Handley, RMMC MARDET Ajax
LCPL Phillip Hucks, RMMC HMS Gryphon
PSGT Peter McDonald, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie
SSGT Ben Overmyer, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie
SSGT Leif Pihl, RMMC MARDET Valkyrie

SCLERK Mary Prather, CIVIL HMS Invincible

CR3 Eiden Copley-Radder, SFC HMS Valkyrie
SCR Arie Copley-Radder, SFC HMS Valkyrie

Enlisted Space Warfare Pin

PO3 Dylan Bradley, RMN HMS Valkyrie

October Honors – Promotions

Congratulations are extended to the following members on the occasion of their promotions as noted.

HMS Ajax

  • Patrick Houseman to Senior Chief Petty Officer, effective 1 August, 2019

HMS Borzoi

  • Wesley H.M. Ziebell to Spacer 1st Class, effective 2 October, 2019

HMS Demon

  • Samuel Walter Dietzmann to Spacer 1st Class, effective 22 October, 2019
  • Nathan Jordan Valle to Lance Corporal, effective 22 October, 2019

HMS Enterprise

  • Cory Snedden to Master Chief Master-at-Arms Mate, effective 17 October, 2019

HMS Galahad

  • Rey Cordero to Petty Officer 3rd Class, effective 1 October, 2019
  • Jared Bridge to Spacer IV (RMMM), effective 1 October, 2019

HMS Hotspur

  • Susan Stuper to Senior Analyst, effective 28 October, 2019

HMS Invincible

  • Billy M Mueller to Disbursing Clerk Petty Officer 1/c, effective 7 October, 2019

HMS Javelin

  • Damian Amberg to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Robert Dylan Kohl to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Tina Rae Sachs to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Nathan Glen Young to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Kyleen L Weld to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Noah Allen Lenz to Senior Cadet Ranger, effective 19 October, 2019

HMS Merlin

  • Patrick Raphael Mensen to Platoon Sergeant, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Mary Ellen Jensen to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Jamie John Leinen to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • David Neal Peppin to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Samuel J Warner to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Joseph Clarence Wolf to Spacer 1st Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Emily J Borth to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Jason L Peterson to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Theodore V Thompson to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Carey James Tordsen to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Tony Wolf to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Beth Ann Kiley to Senior Clerk, effective 19 October, 2019
  • Mandi S Moon to Senior Clerk, effective 19 October, 2019

HMS Musashi

  • Brenda DeMarce to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 8 October, 2019

HMLAC Scythe

  • Phil Richard Herrold to Petty Officer 3rd Class, effective 9 October, 2019

Fleet Command & Staff Information

CO, Gryphon Fleet

CO, Gryphon Fleet

Rear Admiral of the Red Geoffrey Strayer KDE, KR, SC, CGM, GS
XO, Gryphon Fleet

XO, Gryphon Fleet

Bosun, Gryphon Fleet

Bosun, Gryphon Fleet

Senior Master Chief Intelligence Mate
Kevin Walsh, NS, QBM

Flag Captain


JAG Ombudsman

Captain Larry Dale French Sr


CPO Christina R Doane

Intelligence Specialist

Lieutenant Commander David Oliver Kling

Personnel Officer

Captain (SG)
Jamey Salsberg

Training Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer
Derek Firehawk Sauls

Range Officer

Senior Master Chief Intelligence Mate
Kevin Walsh, NS, QBM

RMACS Liaison

Christina Swanson

Gryphon Fleet Order of Battle

Task Force 21

Covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Task Group 21.1 shoulder patch

Task Group 21.1

LAC Wing 30

HMLAC Gungnir, Willmar, MN
HMLAC Superior, Duluth, MN
SMLAC Arminius, Minneapolis, MN

Battle Squadron 1

HMS Imperatrix (SD-457), Minneapolis, MN
HMS Invincible (SD-455), Plymouth, MN
HMS Valkyrie (SD-355), Minneapolis, MN

Destroyer Squadron 265

HMS Javelin (DD-264), Big Lake, MN
HMS Lodestone (DD-64), Elk River, MN
HMS Merlin (CA-270), St. Cloud, MN

Independent Commands

HMS Hellhound (DD-446), St. Paul, MN
HMS Juno (BC-726), Willmar, MN
HMS Leonidas (BC-584), Grand Forks, ND
HMS Unicorn (CLAC-30), Rochester, MN

Task Group 21.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 21.2

Independent Commands

HMS Borzoi (DD-438), River Falls, WI
HMS Gawain (DD-481), Madison, WI
HMS Musashi (BC-775), Milwaukee, WI

Task Force 22

Covering Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Task Group 22.1 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.1

LAC Wing 62

GSNLAC Lilla Björn, Marquette, MI
HMLAC Scythe, Portage, Indiana

Independent Commands

HMS Apollo (CL-80), Lafayette, IN
HMS Demon (CLAC-62), Hammond, IN
HMS Gryphon (SD-153), Indianapolis, IN
HMS Hotspur (DD-02), Rantoul, IL
HMS Samurai (CL-356), Goshen, IN
HMS Wolfhound (DD-437), Mt. Prospect, IL

Task Group 22.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.2

Cruiser Division 711

HMS Death Claw (CA-437), Cincinnati, OH HMS Hexapuma (CA-412), Mount Vernon, IN HMS Sabrepike (CA-417), Franklin, OH

Independent Commands

HMS Galahad (DD-478), Columbus, OH
Task Group 22.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.3

Independent Commands

HMS Ajax (BC-545), Windsor, Ontario HMS Beowulf (BC-739), Lansing, MI HMS Enterprise (BC-480), Rochester Hills, MI HMS Helen (BC-570), Fruitport, MI HMS Roland (DD-476), Toledo, OH

Echelon Commanders

Task Force 21

Task Force 21

CDRE Dora Erikson

Task Group 21.1

Task Group 21.1


Battle Squadron 1

Battle Squadron 1

CAPTSG Jill McTavish

Destroyer Squadron 265

Destroyer Squadron 265

CAPTSG Danielle Erikson

Task Group 21.2

Task Group 21.2

CAPTJG Timothy Bailey

Task Force 22

Task Force 22

CDRE Sherman Day

Task Group 22.1

Task Group 22.1

CAPTSG Michael Flanagan

Task Group 22.2

Task Group 22.2

CAPTSG Jimmy Nelson

Cruiser Division 711

Cruiser Division 711

CAPTJG Kevin Johnson

Task Group 22.3

Task Group 22.3

CAPTSG Jackie Snedden