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The Gryphon's Beak

December, 2022

Flag Sends

Happy Holidays to everyone. It has been a whirlwind year, and we have managed to come through not only intact, but better than when we started the year.

Our local focus on social capital and real preparedness, modeled on larger self-run groups, has resulted in a much improved reputation among both the Chicago fandom as well as the larger fandom community. How we approached Worldcon was the key driver here, and through this we we able to impress and show who we are.

We have also begun work on MARCON 2023, a convention one of our members took upon themselves to save from going under. His first choice was to secure David Weber as Guest of Honor, so we are planning to pull out all the stops and make this a convention to remember. Don’t miss this!

There will also be some major changes at MARCON, as I will be stepping down as Fleet CO, and taking some time on the proverbial beach. Of course, we will be doing this at an award ceremony, and loading the results up to all the online places, showing off the Fleet in all our finery. More to come on that in time.

So, thank you, Happy Holidays, and be safe!




The Tradition Lives!

Oak Forest

Oak Forest Arms

Comings & Goings

BuShips Directive 2211-03

Lieutenant Junior Grade Theisen:

You are hereby directed and required to proceed aboard HMS Demon (CLAC-62), there to take upon
yourself the duties and responsibilities of Commanding Officer, relieving Captain Senior Grade Sir Samuel Walter Dietzmann, QCB, GCE, MC, KR, SC, OG, CGM, GS, QBM, CBM, RMN, in service to the Crown.
Fail not in this charge at your peril.

Based upon the requirements of the service for your new billet, you are hereby brevetted to the rank of

The above directive is effective on this date, 12 November 2022.

The Bureau of Ships wishes to express appreciation and thanks to CAPT(SG) Dietzmann for his service as
Commanding Officer of Demon and wish him all success in his future endeavors.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

Issued By:
Zachary White, GCE, KDR, MC
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Bureau of Ships, Deputy Third Space Lord
Baron Gilwell

By Direction:
Christopher Thompson, GCE, MC, OC, KR, SC, NS
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Bureau of Ships, Third Space Lord
Baron Calabasas

Chapter Reports

This is a reminder that your Chapter and MarDet reports are due between the 1st and 10th of every EVEN numbered month. One thing I found amazingly helpful when filling them out was to use an online document (Google Docs, Word Online) to keep things organized as they happened. Then, when the reporting month hit, I could just copy and paste them into the reports form, and be done. No trying to remember what happened two months ago at the last minute!

And a reminder that Marksmanship submissions are due the 20th of the month, so we have time to correlate and get things set for the award issuance.

Marines – you now have a new online form to fill out for Bi-Monthly reports. The link is below. It will send the reports to your command triad, your Ship’s CO and to ComForceCom. Please use this form to send in your report that is due on the 5th.

There is only one stipulation with the form at this time. Please do not use autofill. Autofill does not work properly and that information is deleted in the report. You can copy and paste information into the report but forgo the autofill function.


RMMC Reporting Requirement Update

Reporting Requirements (FORCECOM Order 2210-A)

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
From: General Sutherland, KSK, KDE, MC, SC, OG, NS, DSO
Re: Reporting Requirements (FORCECOM Order 2210-A)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, the following reporting requirements for all RMMC echelons will be required starting on January 1, 2023.

1) Reporting shall be completed by MARDET/Echelon commanders on a bi-monthly basis by completing the on-line RMMC reporting form https://buships.trmnbureaus.info/rmmc. MARDET/Echelon commanders are also required to forward the confirmation copy email to marineforcescommandreports@gmail.com. This is required due to issues with the TRMN email forwarding.

2) The reporting cycle shall be February, April, June, August, October, December of the calendar year with reports being due no sooner than the 1st of the Reporting month and no later than the 10th of the reporting month.

3) Bi-monthly reports shall be considered “on time” if received between the 1st and 10th day of the reporting month, “late” if received between the 11th and 20th day of the reporting month and “not reported” if received after the 20th day of the reporting month.

4) Exceptions to the above will be allowed on a case by case basis at the discretion of Marine Forces Command and, if possible, communicated prior to the start of the reporting period.

The below listed RMMC echelons have different requirements on the bi-monthly report form.

CORPS are not required to fill in the “Ship Information” section of the bi-monthly report form.

Expeditionary Force
Expeditionary Force are not required to fill in the “Ship Information” section of the bi-monthly report form.

Numbered Fleet/Expeditionary Force Regiments and additional Regiments in the Numbered Fleet/ Expeditionary Force that are not considered Marine Detachments are not required to fill in the “Ship Information” section of the bi-monthly report form.

Marine Detachments
Marine Detachments of Section, Squad, Platoon, Company, Re-enforced Company (Company + Platoon), Battalion, Regiment and Brigade are required to fill out the entire bi-monthly report form.

Assault Shuttles
Assault Shuttles are considered a Marine Detachment for the purposes of reporting and are required to fill out the entire bi-monthly report form.

This order replaces FORCECOM Order 1312-A, dated 9 October 2015.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Queen!

Michael Houghtaling, KSK, KDE, MC, SC, OG, NS, DSO
General, RMMC
Deputy Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command
Baron Sutherland

By direction of:
Shirley Kunz, KSK, KDE, MC, DSO, GS, QBM, CBM
General, RMMC
Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command (COMFORCECOM)


From one running convention promotion to another! It’s all about the conventions in Second Fleet these days.

MARCON 2023 will be held in Columbus, OH over Memorial Day weekend, and is being run by a member of HMS Vixen. Honestly, this is kind of something I was wanting to explore for several years – a non-TRMN convention run by a TRMN member, so this is great!

What is Marcon? The simplest answer is a weekend of fun. It is where everyone that enjoys movies, books, music, art, science, and everything in between comes together in one place to watch, talk about, dress like, sing, and/or learn from like minded people, be they writers, actors, scientists, artists, professionals of all kinds, or simply fans. MARCON has been running since 1966, and I hope it keeps going.

Of special interest to us is David Weber as GoH. He was last the Guest of Honor 20 years ago, so it is time to return to Columbus for the weekend and show our support!


JUST ANNOUNCED! Register using the code TRMN and the convention will donate $5 towards our party room! Click below to get registered!

Teddy Bear Drive 2022

Here is the announcement that you all have been waiting for. We collected over $4,600 with which we were able to purchase over 625 bears. The final standings are as follows:

Third (San Martino) Fleet – $1,433.51
Second (Gryphon) Fleet – $973.71
First (Home) Fleet – $930.83
Seventh (Andermani) Fleet – $588.50
Tenth (Talbott) Fleet – $218.55
RMA (Royal Manticoran Army) – $121.36
Eighth (Basilisk) Fleet – $81.83
Fourth (Grayson) Fleet – $78.46
Sixth (Sphinx) Fleet – $34.01
Thirteenth (Silesian) Fleet – $10.00

Congratulations to Third Fleet, they are this year’s Grand Teddy Bears. Thank you to everyone who participated and BZ TRMN for a job well done!!!

December Blood Drive Challenge

From: CO, HMS Vixen
RE: Showing Those Marines Their Place


It has come to my attention that COL Tizura, RMMC, has been narfing about the ship claiming that the ‘button pushers’ – that would be our noble RMN crew – are too afraid of getting our uniforms dirty to do the ‘real work’ of the RMMC. He claims that the Navy trembles at the sight of blood, and that we haven’t the courage to shed our precious bodily fluid for the glory of Her Majesty.

This affront must not stand! I call on all loyal subjects of Her Majesty’s Navy to join me in donating blood to support our local hospitals in need during this pandemic! Show these crayon-eaters that we can and will shed blood for a worthy cause (and not just for the 64 pack with sharpener)!

CDR Lisa Ann Wiedemann, QCB, GCE, MC, KR, SC, DGC, OG, GS, QBM, CBM
CO, HMS Vixen

From: COL ‘Russian’ Tizura
RE: Time To Show The Navy What For!


The vacuum-suckers think they have the courage to stand with us on the field of honor! They claim to not fear the sight of blood, and that they will easily donate more than our Marines.

Not likely! Marines lead the way, and we will in this as well. As you know, there has been a shortage of blood this year due to the ongoing pandemic. We all need to do our part! So I am calling on all of us to part with a spot of the kroovy and help our fellow citizens!

Now get out there, and prove yourselves! We are MARINES, and used to having holes poked in us!

Possimus Perficio!
COL Martin Richard Tizura, , KE, SC, OG, NS, DSO, CGM
HMS Vixen

From: CO, Second Fleet
RE: December 2022 Blood Drive Challenge


As the pandemic as been ongoing, blood donations have dropped. Sadly, the demand for blood products has not. In order to assist the hospitals in our operational area, I am pleased to see this friendly (it is friendly, right…) competition between branches.

Between December 1 and December 31, donate blood and post a photo of you doing so to the HMS Vixen Discord (https://discord.gg/QynkCaUQ6P in the #blood-wars channel). Preferably in uniform of some kind. If you are not RMN or RMMM, pick a team to add your donation to. There will be an award for all who donate, and a higher award for the team who donated the most.

If you can donate COVID plasma, and do, please say so. I will track that separately.

If you cannot donate blood, and can support the mission of your local blood bank in another way, post that too. Thank you, and let’s be about it!

RADM Geoffrey Strayer, GCE, KCR, SC, OG, CGM, GS, QBM
CO, Second (Gryphon) Fleet
Baron Oak Forest

Upcoming Events

The Bureau of Planning is excited to announce the launch of ConStack. This cooperative project between BuPlan and BuComm is now a fabulous new tool that puts information about over 2,000 conventions at your fingertips. All members of TRMN and the public can view ConStack at:


If you see that an event is missing or has incorrect information, contact your Fleet’s BuPlan Intel Agent or Branch Liaison and they will get it updated.

ChiCon8 Take To The Stars
Crossed pulsars

Marksmanship Update

By order of CO 2nd Fleet, the following marksmanship awards are issued effective 1 December, 2022:


  • S1C James FISHER, RMN HMS Interloper
  • LCDR Patrick Ardan GIESE, RMN HMS Invincible



The Tradition Lives!

For CO 2nd Fleet:

Issued by:

Senior Chief Petty Officer, RMN
2nd Fleet Range Officer

Gryphon’s Wings Fleet Relief Project

On May 23rd we launched the Gryphon’s Wings Fleet Relief Project. The response has been overwhelming, and I am humbled by the generosity of our members.

We are currently in the midst of a Global pandemic. However, while we are all in the same storm, we are navigating the waters on different ships. Sometimes these waters will be more than we can handle on our own, and we need an extra hand on deck. We want you to know that the 2nd fleet is here for you. 

To that end, we are asking for donations to create an emergency relief fund to be used for TRMN 2nd Fleet members. This fund’s target is to provide immediate short term relief of an urgent crisis. For example: Sending someone grocery money for a weeks worth of groceries (as a lot of food banks are running out of food, short on volunteers, and closing), providing gas money for a week so someone can still travel back and forth providing care-giving to a family member, covering the co-pay cost of a doctors visit, and other small emergency expenses. Anything helps. I am asking for a $5 monthly commitment – the cost of a Starbucks coffee – to assist. Please join me, and those who have already donated, in making TRMN more than just a fan group. Click here, or the banner below, to donate. Meet the Test.

At the same time, we know some are being affected by the effort to combat the virus,including job loss, other reduction of income, medical difficulties, etc. This can result in a tough choice between shelter, transportation, food, or medical care. That is an impossible choice no one should be required to face, and we want to help how we can.

To apply for a Visa Gift Card for you or another member, please click here.

Only the 2nd Fleet CO will see who the requester and/or the potential recipient is.  This will never be held against you in any way. We don’t ask for or expect repayment. This is not charity, we are simply keeping the RMN tradition of seeing that a Queen’s Navy is well rested, well fed, and healthy before going into battle. And this is a battle where victory will be measured in not just survivors but in the quality of that survival.

Gryphon's Wings

To request assistance, please click here.

November Honors – Awards

Manticore Cross


Saganami Cross


Distinguished Gallantry Cross


Order of Gallantry


Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

SCPO James FORGIE, RMN HMS Interloper

Gryphon Star

LTSG Steve GALPIN, RMN HMS Interloper

Navy Achievement Medal

PO1 Robin Olwen BRAIL, RMN HMS Enterprise
S2C David WILLIAMS, RMN HMS Interloper
LCDR Nathan A CAMARDA, RMN HMS Interloper
LTJG William Edward NELSON, RMN HMS Interloper
CPO Franklin GINGRICH, RMN HMS Interloper

Prisoner of War Medal


Non-Commissioned Officer Senior Course Ribbon

CPO Stephen BAKER, RMN HMS Galahad

Combat Infantry Badge

LTSG Steve GALPIN, RMN HMS Interloper

Ranks on awards are listed at the time of award, and may have changed by publication.

August – September Honors – Promotions

Congratulations are extended to the following members on the occasion of their promotions as noted.

HMS Helen

  • Louis J Bosse to Spacer 2nd Class effective 20 November, 2022

HMS Hexapuma

  • JJ Brutsman to Spacer 2nd Class effective 2 November, 2022
HMS Havoc

HMS Interloper

  • Matthew Davies to Petty Officer 3rd Class effective 10 November, 2022
  • David Williams to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 19 November, 2022
  • Justin Ekis to Analyst, effective 19 November, 2022
HMS Vixen

HMS Vixen

  • Debbie L. Fligelman to Platoon Sergeant, effective 12 November, 2022
  • Anthony Lee Gillian to Steward Petty Officer 2/c, effective 14 November, 2022
  • Paul J Grutzmacher IV to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 14 November, 2022
  • Magpie Lee Kane to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 14 November, 2022
  • Joseph S Kauzlarich to Spacer 2nd Class, effective 14 November, 2022
  • Goddess Erica to Clerk, effective 14 November, 2022

Fleet Command & Staff Information

CO, Gryphon Fleet

CO, Gryphon Fleet


Rear Admiral of the Green Geoffrey Strayer, GCE, KR, SC, OG, CGM, GS

Baron Oak Forest

XO, Gryphon Fleet

XO, Gryphon Fleet


Bosun, Gryphon Fleet

Bosun, Gryphon Fleet


Senior Master Chief Intelligence Mate
Kevin Walsh, NS, QBM

Chief of Staff


Captain, Senior Grade Kerry Kuhn

Flag Captain


Captain, Junior Grade Christina Swanson

Flag Lieutenant


Captain Senior Grade Kerry Kuhn

Fleet Medical NCOIC


PO2 Steven Bobula

Intelligence Specialist


Lieutenant Commander David Oliver Kling

JAG Ombudsman




Operations Officer


Lieutenant Commander Patrick Giese

Personnel Officer

Captain (SG)
Jamey Salsberg

Range Officer


Senior Master Chief Intelligence Mate
Kevin Walsh, NS, QBM

RMACS Liaison


Captain, Junior Grade Christina Swanson

Training Officer


Senior Chief Petty Officer
Derek Firehawk Sauls

Gryphon Fleet Order of Battle

Task Force 21

Covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Task Group 21.1 shoulder patch

Task Group 21.1

Destroyer Squadron 265

HMS Javelin (DD-264), Big Lake, MN
HMS Lodestone (DD-64), Elk River, MN
HMS Merlin (CA-270), St. Cloud, MN

Independent Commands

HMS Hellhound (DD-446), St. Paul, MN
HMS Invincible (SD-455), Plymouth, MN
HMS Intrepid (SD-463), Willmar, MN
HMS Leonidas (BC-584), Grand Forks, ND
HMS Valkyrie (SD-355), Minneapolis, MN

Task Group 21.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 21.2

Independent Commands

HMS Borzoi (DD-438), River Falls, WI
HMS Gawain (DD-481), Madison, WI
HMS Musashi (BC-775), Milwaukee, WI

Task Force 22

Covering Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Task Group 22.1 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.1

LAC Wing 62

GSNLAC Lilla Björn, Marquette, MI
HMLAC Scythe, Portage, Indiana

Independent Commands

HMS Apollo (CL-80), Lafayette, IN
HMS Gryphon (SD-153), Indianapolis, IN
HMS Menelaus (BC-569), Rantoul, IL
HMS Samurai (CL-356), Goshen, IN
HMS Wolfhound (DD-437), Mt. Prospect, IL

Task Group 22.2 shoulder patch

Task Group 22.3

Cruiser Division 711

HMS Death Claw (CA-437), Cincinnati, OH
HMS Sabrepike (CA-417), Franklin, OH

Independent Commands

HMS Ajax (BC-545), Windsor, Ontario
HMS Beowulf (BC-739), Lansing, MI
HMS Enterprise (BC-480), Rochester Hills, MI
HMS Helen (BC-570), Fruitport, MI

Task Group 22.4

Task Group 22.4

Independent Commands

HMS Demon (CLAC-62), Milwaukee, WI
HMS Galahad (DD-478), Columbus, OH
HMS Hexapuma (CA-412), Rockford, IL
HMS Interloper (SD-460), Muncie, IN
HMS Vixen (DD-174), Chicago, IL

Echelon Commanders

Task Force 21

Task Force 21


Task Group 21.1

Task Group 21.1

CAPTSG Jill McTavish

Destroyer Squadron 265

Destroyer Squadron 265

CAPTSG Paladin Meyer

Task Group 21.2

Task Group 21.2

CAPTJG Timothy Bailey

Task Force 22

Task Force 22

CDRE Justin Dupras

Task Group 22.1

Task Group 22.1

CAPTSG Michael Flanagan

Task Group 22.3

Task Group 22.3

CAPTSG Jackie Snedden

Cruiser Division 711

Cruiser Division 711

CAPTJG Kevin Johnson

Task Group 22.4

Task Group 22.4

CAPTSG Samuel Dietzmann