Second Fleet Order 1509-A

Second Fleet Order 1509-A

To: All Grand Alliance personnel
From: RADM The Lord Westmarch, MC, KR, DSO Commanding Officer, 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet.
Re: Commissioning of GSNLAC Green Knight, LAC-011 21 SEPT 2015 (Fleet Order 1509-A)

Effective 21SEP2015, GSNLAC GREEN KNIGHT, LAC-011, is hereby COMMISSIONED. Green Knight is a Katana-class Light Attack Craft of the Grayson Space Navy supporting Royal Manticoran Navy operations in the Second Naval District. Green Knight is based in Willmar, Minnesota and is assigned to Alpha Flight, LAC Group 201, a component of Task Group 21.1.

Lieutenant Senior Grade Matthew Lindquist, GSN is appointed Commanding Officer of GSNLAC Green Knight.

The following personnel are assigned to GSNLAC Green Knight:

Lieutenant Senior Grade Matthew Lindquist, GSN, Commanding officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Lucas Matthys, RMN, Executive Officer
Chief Petty Officer Bryan Mainerich, RMN, Bosun
SPCR3 Dustin Ennin, RMN
YN3 Peder Erickson, RMN
SPCR3 Timothy Grundseth, RMN
SPCR3 Joel Jader, RMN
SPCR3 Matthew Onnen, RMN
SPCR3 Edwin Twedt-Coulter, RMN
SBA3 Matthew Mainerich
PVT Dustin Beck, RMMC
PVT Justin Tolzmann, RMMC
Jr Ranger Isaac Lindquist, SFC
This crew trained aboard Pinnace Intrepid-01, which is hereby ordered returned to Intrepid’s boat bay for use of the next development crew.

My thanks to the Sword for the loan of this LAC and its capable commanding officer in support of Gryphon Fleet operations, and best wishes to ship and crew for success!

The Tradition Lives!


Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
First Baron, Westmarch