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To:    All TRMN personnel

From:    Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.

Re:    Supplemental Awards, Capricon 2020


These additional awards were intended to be issued concurrent with the Quarterly Awards, which has been delayed.

As such, I am issuing them at this time.

For actions in support of The Royal Manticoran Navy during Capricon 2020, the following awards are hereby presented:

Queen’s Bravery Medal

  • RADM Sherman DAY, RMN         HMS Demon

Conspicuous Bravery Medal

  • S2C Lisa Ann WIEDEMANN, RMN    HMS Demon

Thank you both for your exceptional actions in support of a successful convention operation.

The Tradition Lives!

Geoffrey Strayer, KDE, KR, SC, CGM, GS

Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN

Commanding Officer, Second (Gryphon) Fleet

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