To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy
From: Fleet Admiral of the Green, Lord Sir Scott Akers, KCR, First Space Lord, Earl, New Arkhangelsk
Re: Organization of the Task Force 21 and appointment of its Commander (Naval Directive 14NO-01)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby establish the 21st Task Force assigned to the Second Fleet, comprising the Task Groups, Divisions and independent screening elements listed before. In addition I do hereby direct Commodore John Neitz to take command of this unit concurrent with his duties as Acting Commanding Officer of the Second Fleet, and proceed to his assigned patrol area and protect the lives and property of Manticoran citizens therein, In addition you will fulfill any other duties as may be assigned by the Second Fleet Commander and the First Space Lord, this order made under my hand will be effective 0001 hours 04 NOV 2014.

In addition the unit formerly known as BatRon 21 will be renumbered BatRon 1

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir Scott A. Akers, KCR
Fleet Admiral of the Green
First Space Lord
Earl, New Arkhangelsk

Gryphon Fleet