To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy
From: Commodore Sir John Neitz, MC, KR, OG, GS, Baron Westmarch, Acting Commanding Officer Gryphon Fleet
Re: Service Awards, HMS Leonidas 10-OCT-14 (Fleet Order 1410-B)

Effective 21OCT2014, by my authority as Acting Commanding Officer, Second Fleet, the MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL is hereby awarded to Captain (Senior Grade) Michael Larson, ME, GS, QBM, commanding HMS LEONIDAS, for his leadership and participation in multiple charity efforts undertaken by himself and the ship’s company of HMS Leonidas, including a raffle benefiting Big Cat Rescue, a March of Dimes March for Babies, and a 24 hour Game Day benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation. Additionally, for these charitable activities, which reflect well not only on himself and his crew, but on The Royal Manticoran Navy as an organization, Captain Larson is hereby MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES.

The following crew members of HMS Leonidas are hereby awarded the NAVY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL for their participation in these charitable efforts:

Ensign Douglas Corbett (posthumous award)
2nd Lieutenant John Doehler, RMMC
Midshipman Nathan Larson
Senior Chief Petty Officer Keith Larson
Spacer 3rd Class Den Bolda
The Tradition Lives!

Issued by:
Commodore, RMN

Gryphon Fleet