To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy
From: Commodore Sir John Neitz, MC, KR, OG, GS, Baron Westmarch, Acting Commanding Officer Gryphon Fleet
Re: Service Awards, HMS Leonidas 10-OCT-14 (Fleet Order 1410-B)

Effective 04NOV014, by my authority as acting Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet, and with approval of the First Lord of the Admiralty, the following personnel are awarded the PRISONER OF WAR MEDAL for representing The Royal Manticoran Navy as members of the Enlightment at the international Ingress event held in Minneapolis 06SEP2014.

CAPT (SG) Jill McTavish, HMS Valkyrie
CAPT (JG) Emily Herron, 2nd Fleet Chief of Staff
CDR Don Hackett, HMS Valkyrie
CPL Vernon McIntosh, RMMC, MarDet Valkyrie
DC/1 Kay Mead, HMS Invincible
Their actions did credit to TRMN, with some members appearing in an edition of The Ingress Report which has had over 23K views to date. Well done!

The Tradition Lives!

Issued by:
Commodore, RMN

Gryphon Fleet