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To: All Royal Manticoran Navy personnel
From: Commodore The Lord Westmarch, MC, KR, Acting Commanding Officer, Gryphon Fleet.
Re: Award of Masadan Occupation Medal, 11-NOV-14
(Fleet Order 1411-D)

Effective 11NOV014, by my authority as acting Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet, the following personnel are awarded the MASADAN OCCUPATION MEDAL for representing The Royal Manticoran Navy in full uniform during their volunteering for the fan organization-run Anime Fusion convention, 18 OCT 2014.

COL Sonja Wolf, MarDet Invincible
CAPT (JG) Eric Neve, HMS Valkyrie
LTSG Matthew Lindquist, Pinnace Intrepid-01
Well done raising the profile of TRMN through service to the fan community!

The Tradition Lives!

Issued by:
Commodore, RMN

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