To: All Royal Manticoran Navy personnel
From: Commodore The Lord Westmarch, MC, KR, Acting Commanding Officer, 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet.
Re: Award of Havenite Operational Service Medal: Chi-Fi (Fleet Order 1503-B)

Effective 29MAR2015, by my authority as acting Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet, the following personnel are awarded the HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL for their participation in Royal Manticoran Navy operations at Chi-Fi, 20-22 MAR 2015.

CDR Sherman Day, HMS Hotspur
SD/1 Ursula Day, HMS Hotspur
LTCDR Nathan Durbin, HMS Galahad
SPCR/1 Chris Jacklin, HMS Galahad
SPCR/3 Matt Landry, HMS Hotspur
SPCR/3 Vanessa Landry, HMS Hotspur
ADMF Martin Lessem, Admiralty House
LTSG Geoff Strayer, HMS Tornado
The Tradition Lives!

Issued by:
Commodore, RMN

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