To: All Royal Manticoran Navy personnel
From: Commodore The Lord Westmarch, MC, KR, Acting Commanding Officer, 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet.
Re: Award of campaign medals: Marscon (Fleet Order 1503-C)

Effective 31MAR2015, by my authority as acting Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet, the following personnel are awarded the HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL for their participation in Royal Manticoran Navy operations at Marscon, 06-08 MAR 2015:

CXP/1 Christopher Baye, HMS Invincible
ENS Christy Bennett, HMS Valkyrie
SPCR/2 Jennifer Bergk, HMS Invincible
CDR Garret Bitker, HMS Samurai
SGTMAJ Leah Bloodgood, HMS Invincible
SPCR/2 Laura Cabral, HMS Valkyrie
WO1 Mike Cucchiarella, HMS Invincible
COL John Debnam, HMS Invincible
RADM Drew Drentlaw, Second Space Lord
2LT Rob Folden, HMS Invictus
CDR Bob Gartner, HMS Invincible
PO/1 Jessica Gazdik, Pinnace Invincible-01
CDRE Justin Grays, Task Group 21.1
1LT Harvey Guillet, HMS Valkyrie
CDR Don Hackett, HMS Valkyrie
PO/3 Arthur Henecke, HMS Valkyrie
CPTJG Emily Herron, 2FLT
COL Kevin Horner, RMA
CPT SG Brian Horton, HMS Intrepid
MCPO Cheryl Krause, HMS Invincible
EWM/1 Eric Larsen, HMS Valkyrie
LTJG Cris Littlewolf, HMS Intrepid
CPTSG Bill Lochen, HMS Invincible
PVT Peter McDonald, HMS Valkyrie
CPTSG Jill McTavish, HMS Valkyrie
Lady Christina Neitz, HMS Invincible
CDRE John Neitz, 2FLT
COL Bryar Nelson, HMS Invincible
ENS Heidi Nelson, HMS Invincible
SGT Jeremiah Patrick, HMS Valkyrie
SPCR/3 Steven Poeschl, HMS Valkyrie
SD/3 Anne Randolph, HMS Invincible
PFC Don Reisdorph, HMS Valkyrie
PT/2 Dan Stiglich, HMS Valkyrie
CPO Chris Thompson, HMS Valkyrie
COL Sonja Wolf, HMS Invincible
PVT Jody Wurl, HMS Invincible
Additionally, for participation in Marscon operations and having traveled 5 hours distance, 2LT ROB FOLDEN, RMMC, of HMS Invictus, is awarded the SILESIAN ANTI-PIRACY CAMPAIGN MEDAL. Thank you for joining us, Lieutenant Folden! You do your fleet credit.

The Tradition Lives!

Issued by:
Commodore, RMN

Gryphon Fleet