To: All Royal Manticoran Navy personnel
From: RADM The Lord Westmarch, MC, KR, DSO Commanding Officer, Gryphon Fleet.
Re: Award of Naval Commendation Decoration, 03-JUL-15 (Fleet Order 1507-A)

Effective 03JUL2015, by my authority as Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet, the following personnel are awarded the NAVAL COMMENDATION DECORATION for representing The Royal Manticoran Navy in their participation at the Geek Partnership Society booth at Twin Cities Pride, 27-28JUN2015, during which they engaged many of the thousands of people attending and dealt with “intense” weather conditions at this outdoor festival.

Commodore Sir Justin GRAYS, CO TG 21.1 (first cluster)
Commander Lindsay ROLOFF, HMS Intrepid
Lieutenant (Senior Grade) Matthew LINDQUIST, Pinnace Intrepid-01
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Cris LITTLEWOLF, HMS Intrepid (second cluster)
Chief Petty Officer Katherine TREMAINE. HMS Valkyrie
Petty Officer Third Class Lucas MATTHYS, Pinnace Intrepid-01
Spacer Third Class Elizabeth ERICKSON, HMS Invincible
Particular Mention is given to Commodore Grays for his leadership in coordinating and recruiting personnel for this event.

These personnel are commended for their commitment to promote diversity within TRMN, their outreach in representing TRMN by engagement with the general public, and for strengthening TRMN’s reputation and bonds with our local fandom community by working together with GPS and other participating clubs.

The Tradition Lives!


Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
First Baron, Westmarch