To: All members of TRMN
From: CO 2nd Fleet
Re: Toys for Tots Drive thanks (Fleet Order 1512-A)

I wish to publicly recognize the Marine Detachments of Battle Division 11 for their initiative and hard work in conceiving, promoting, coordinating, and executing a drive that netted 358 gifts donated to Toys for Tots. It is highly appropriate that our own Royal Manticoran marines take the lead in our participation in a charitable program run by the USMC Reserve. Particular mention is given to COL Bryar Nelson of MarDet Invincible and SSGT Jess Dunow of MarDet Valkyrie for coordinating their ships’ efforts. Thanks to ALL TRMN members who donated to the drive. Together we make a big splash, and that is one of the great potentials of a club like this.

The Tradition Lives! (CAN DO!)


Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
CO 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet
First Earl, Westmarch