To: All TRMN personnel
From: Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.
Re: Operational Awards, Marscon 2017

My thanks to the personnel who conducted Royal Manticoran Navy operations at Marscon, held in Bloomington, Minnesota, 3-5 March 2017. This was a fleet level event with a party room, and despite this being the fifth consecutive year of TRMN operations at this con, our participating personnel still recruited several new members. All awards are effective 11 April 2017.

The following personnel are awarded the HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL for their participation at Marscon 2017:

CDRE Justin Grays, CO Task Force 21
CDRE Jill McTavish, CO Battle Squadron 1
CDRE Wayne Bruns, HMS Imperatrix
CAPTSG Brian Horton, HMS Intrepid
CAPTJG Emily Herron, HMS Invincible
SMCPO Bill Lochen, HMS Invincible
PFC Shelly Whitehead, MarDet Invincible
S2C Danielle Erikson, HMS Lodestone
S3C Michelle Kaiser, HMS Lodestone
CDR Jeremy Kittleson, HMS Merlin
LTJG Grace Luberda, HMS Merlin
PO3 Kyle Anderson, HMS Valkyrie
LTSG Sophia Bull, HMS Valkyrie
CAPTJG Don Hackett, HMS Valkyrie
S3C Simon Gibson, HMS Valkyrie
ENS Arthur Hennecke, HMS Valkyrie
CPO Eric Larsen, HMS Valkyrie
S1C Heather Sigstad, HMS Valkyrie
1SGT Jess Dunow, MarDet Valkyrie
PSGT Jessica Gazdick, MarDet Valkyrie
PSGT Andrew Hagen, MarDet Valkyrie
CAPT Don Reisdorph, MarDet Valkyrie
The following officer performed qualifying service for the HOS, but was previously awarded this medal in 2017:

CAPTJG Garret Bitker, HMS Merlin
I wish to make special mention of the distinguished service of HMS Merlin’s crew members who participated. Simply in terms of the volunteer hours they put in, their contribution is off the scale. More than that, their attitude toward service is outstanding, and they are further reinforcing the fine “First in the Fleet” tradition that earned this ship the Royal Meritorious Unit Citation recently.

The Tradition Lives!


Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 2nd Fleet
Earl of Westmarch

Gryphon Fleet