To: All TRMN personnel
From: Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.
Re: Commissioning of SMLAC Arminius, LAC-001 (IAN).
GRYPHON FLEET ORDER 1706-B, 09 June 2017

Effective 09JUN2017, SEINER MAJESTÄT LIGHT ATTACK CRAFT ARMINIUS, LAC-001 (IAN), is hereby COMMISSIONED. SMLAC Arminius is an Andermani crewed Shrike B-class Light Attack Craft assigned to Alpha Flight of the 62nd LAC Wing, Second Fleet, and is based in Minneapolis, MN. Oberleutnant Aaron Haskins, Imperial Andermani Navy, is appointed Commanding Officer of Arminius.

The following personnel are assigned to SMLAC Arminius:

Oberleutnant Aaron HASKINS, assigned Commanding Officer
Obergefraiter Adam GITTLEMAN, assigned Bosun
Gefraiter Samantha ANDERSON
Gefraiter Sam ANTHONY
Gefraiter Tooley BENJAMIN
Gefraiter Elise BRADEN
Gefraiter Victoria CORTEZ
Gefraiter Jeffrey MOBLEY
Gefraiter Cati MORIN
Gefraiter Hailey MUHLER
Gefraiter Stephanie RODDY
Gefraiter Jerrica STRICKLAND
With the commissioning of this LAC, the following personnel are brevetted as follows:

Oberleutnant Aaron HASKINS to the rank of Kapitanleutnant
Obergefraiter Adam GITTLEMAN to the grade of Oberbootsman.
My thanks to His Imperial Andermani Majesty’s government in providing this craft and crew in support of Gryphon Fleet LAC Wing operations. Best wishes to LAC and crew for good hunting!

The Tradition Lives!


Issued by:
Vice Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 2nd Fleet
Earl of Westmarch

Gryphon Fleet