To:    All TRMN personnel
From:    Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.
Re:    Operational Awards, Michigan Renaissance Fest


On 24 August, 2019, the following members attended and participated in the Queen’s High Tea, a separately ticketed event attached to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, while in TRMN Attire. As such, they are hereby awarded the Masadan Occupation Medal.

  • Electronics Mate 3/c David J LEVI, GSN, HMS Enterprise
  • Lieutenant (JG) Jim MCCOY , RMN, HMS Ajax

Thank you for your efforts at promoting the Royal Manticoran Navy!

The Tradition Lives!

Geoffrey Strayer, KDE, KR, SC, CGM, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, Second (Gryphon) Fleet