To: All TRMN personnel
From: Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.
Re: Awarding of Queen’s Bravery Medal


Over a span of several days, Captain JG James MOYER came to the assistance of one of his officers serving on HMS Death Claw, assisting in a move across town. His assistance provided significant relief to this officer, both financially and temporally. In the course of this, CAPTJG Moyer assisted in packing, loading, and transporting both boxed items and furniture. This activity is in the best spirit of the officer corps of the Royal Manticoran Navy, and deserves recognition.

For his actions rendering aid when needed, and in doing so going above and beyond the call of duty, CAPTJG Moyer is hereby awarded the Queen’s Bravery Medal, and is therefore entitled to the post nominal letters of ‘QBM’.

The Tradition Lives!

Geoffrey Strayer, KDE, KR, SC, CGM, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, Second (Gryphon) Fleet