To:All TRMN personnel
From:Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.
Re:2018 Gryphon Trophy winnerGRYPHON FLEET ORDER 1812-C, 30DEC2018

Now that all three challenges have been completed, I am pleased to announce that, as winner of two out of three challenges this year, our overall 2018 fleet challenge winning chapter is…


The Gryphon Trophy will be presented to HMS Beowulf so that Captain Shananaquet and crew may proudly display it throughout 2019. Additionally, HMS Beowulf is awarded the FLEET EXCELLENCE AWARD and all current members of the ship’s company are authorized to wear the Fleet Excellence Award ribbon with gold “E.” HMS Beowulf will be considered along with winners from the other fleets for the navy-wide Black Sphinx Cup.

I wish to give honorable mention to HMS Ajax (BC-545) for winning the other one of the three challenges. Ajax was also the previous year’s winner, and I believe that Captain Snedden can take some satisfaction in the outstanding work of our Michigan chapters of Task Force 22.1 as she hands over the Gryphon Trophy to Captain Shananaquet.

Congratulations and well done, Beowulf, and thanks to all participants in Gryphon Fleet!

The Tradition Lives!


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Issued by:
Vice Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 2nd Fleet
Earl of Westmarch