To:All TRMN personnel
From:Commanding Officer 2nd Fleet.
Re:Gryphon Fleet Event List for 2019GRYPHON FLEET ORDER 1901-A, 01JAN2019

Local chapters have proposed operations plans for the following conventions, which are hereby designated as Fleet Level Events for 2019:

  • January 17-20: ConFusion (Detroit, MI)
  • February 14-17: CapriCon (Wheeling, IL)
  • March 1-3: MarsCon (Bloomington, MN)
  • March 29-31: Anime Detour (Minneapolis, MN)
  • March 31-April 2: WhosYerCon (Indianapolis, IN)
  • April 19-21: MiniCon (St. Louis Park, MN)
  • July 4-7: CONvergence (Minneapolis, MN)
  • July 5-7: InConJunction (Indianapolis, IN)
  • September 20-21: LionCon (St. Cloud, MN)
  • November 8-10: WindyCon (Lombard, IL)

Operational leaders are to submit After Action Reports to fleet command, listing all TRMN personnel who performed qualifying volunteer work at the event. These personnel will be eligible for the HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL.

Local leaders recognizing additional tactical opportunities are to apply to fleet command for additions to the above event list.

The Tradition Lives!


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Issued by:
Vice Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 2nd Fleet
Earl of Westmarch